When will the government shutdown next?

The next government shutdown will  be October 1, 2018 unless a spending bill is passed. The government is funded until September 30 2018.  At a rally on Saturday April 28 2018, President Trump mentioned the possibility of a government shutdown.  He mentions a shutdown on September 28 2018, the last business day before an October 2018 government shutdown. Because of the timing, the September 2018 government shutdown won’t result in furloughs until October.
Similar to past shutdowns during this Presidency, the topic at issue is immigration. This time, the border security is the pain point.  While the March 2018 spending bill that was signed into law to avert a government shutdown included some funding for a border wall, it was less than 10 percent of what was requested by President Trump.

President Trump double downed on this statement in a subsequent tweet.

Government Shutdowns in 2018

The first government shutdown in 2018 began at midnight on January 20th, and lasted 69 hours.  Because of the timing of the shutdown beginning on a Saturday, the lapse in funding only had a large impact for one day.  Many federal employees received furloughs for one business day, on January 22 2018.  This caused many questions for what happens during a government shutdown, and how to cope with a longer term shutdown.

President Trump pictured with VP Pence, delivering remarks prior to signing the $1.3 trillion spending bill. The next spending bill will avert an October 2018 government shutdown.
The President has signed the $1.3 trillion spending bill for national security reasons. It is uncertain how future bills will be delivered and how a veto threat may affect an October 2018 government shutdown


The second government shutdown in 2018 was in February.  This shutdown lasted fewer than 9 hours and resulted in a small number of  furloughed employees. About 55,000 IRS employees received furloughs but an overall government number isn’t available.

Will there be another government shutdown in 2018?

The next government shutdown deadline will be at the end of the financial year for the Federal government. An October 2018 government shutdown would be just a few short weeks before 2018 midterm elections.  The midterm elections will take place on Tuesday November 6 2018, or five weeks and a day after the September 2018 government shutdown deadline.

More contentious issues aren’t in the March 2018 spending bill.  The border wall only had funding for $1.8 billion of the $25 billion requested. There were some gun control issues addressed but broader reform was not included.

The status quo was maintained for the most part.  It may be the intentions of both parties to allow the winners of midterm election to set the course for future spending bills. But the funding to avert a October 2018 government shutdown is uncertain.  We may enter another period of continuing resolutions. Or congress could pass a long-term spending bill early-on to avoid a potential September 2018 government shutdown as an election issue.

Or the timing could be a factor in causing a third government shutdown in calendar year 2018.

Following a veto threat on the day of the March 2018 shutdown deadline, the President indicated that he will never sign similar spending bills.

October 2018 Government shutdown

We will follow up with future indications of the odds of an upcoming government shutdown and any relevant details to the October 2018 government shutdown and September 2018 funding deadline.