When is the February 2019 government shutdown?  This government shutdown countdown timer counts until midnight on February 15, 2019 when government funding lapses again for another potential government shutdown.

Update on when will the government shutdown?

 We’re now in the last work week before the government funding lapses with no deal in sight. President Trump is still pushing for the wall as part of a deal to keep the government running. Democrats have not yet budged and offered a compromise so we should start to prepare for another shutdown. We have not been able to find any bet-makers to see the opinion of the odds of a government shutdown but will be closely monitoring.

February 2019 government shutdown calendar

Scroll to the end of this page for our countdown timer.  Below we have a February 2019 calendar which shows that the February 2019 government shutdown will fall just before Presidents Day (February 18, 2019).  (Or Washington’s birthday as it is legally called for federal employees). So the first day of the next potential government shutdown will be February 19, 2019.

February 2019 government shutdown calendar
The government will shutdown at midnight February 15, 2019

The government was only funded for 3 weeks on January 25.  A 35 day dispute over a border wall ended with the government reopening with only a 3 week continuing resolution.  But the fight isn’t over yet. President Trump is insisting a long term funding bill requires funding for the wall.  This time of uncertainty surely is stressful for the millions of hardworking Americans in the federal workforce. The political climate appears to have both sides unwilling to reach an agreement to keep the government open.  These folk, the backbone of the American economy, face the very real financial uncertainty during a government shutdown.

Major criticism on the shutdown

President Trump faced criticism on all sides during and after the shutdown.  Democrats were shifting the blame of the shutdown to the president with his partisan demand (and campaign rallying cry) to build a wall on the border.  Republicans and staunch allies of Donald Trump perceived his ending the government as “caving in”. However this criticism was shortlived. 

Picture of a smiling Trump and Pelosi, opponents in the fight for a border wall
Trump and Pelosi, 2 years before the longest government shutdown in US history, smile for the cameras.

Trump was called names such as the “biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States”. While Speaker Nancy Pelosi walked out of the shutdown being called an “alpha”.  This might increase the odds of a February 2019 government shutdown. Losing negotiations is not a feat that Trump would like to be (nor often is) associated with.

February 2019 Government Shutdown Countdown Timer


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