The government will shutdown after midnight on Friday December 22 2018.  As a result the first day of the December government shutdown will be on Christmas Eve – the first Monday following the lapse of funding that will commence on December 23.

This means that millions of Americans will face financial insecurity over Christmas.  A stressful time of year – but even more so for the hundreds of thousands of federal employees who will have to work unpaid and the millions of employees and contractors who will be stopped from working altogether.

This would be the third government shutdown on President Trumps watch.

As a result over 40 thousand law endorsement officers from ATF agents to FBI, DEA and US marshals will have to work without pay in the holiday season.  

Nearly 160 thousand Homeland Security employees will also face a situation of working without congress authorising their pay checks.  This includes weather service forecasters so we may not be fully informed of a white Christmas.

President Trump has been pushing for funding of a wall which may have ramped up due to the loss of Republican control of the House in the recent elections. 

More movement in healthcare also add to legislative pressures with Obamacare having a recent ruling that it may be unconstitutional.

Hundreds of thousands of employees will be forced out of work without pay 

This includes: 

  • 40,000 folks at of the Department of Commerce
  • Nearly all of the ~20k employees at NASA 
  • About 8 in 10 of the 20k National Park Service employees and 35k Forest Service employees
  • More than 50,000 people at the critically understaffed IRS will also be placed on forced unpaid leave.

We’ll  provide more updates to this page as we approach the government shutdown deadline this Friday.

According to one Federal employee union – the job satisfaction of the federal workforce has plunged in 2018. We may find that we close off the year at a low point if the December 2018 government shutdown occurs just before Christmas.